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Bjarki the Viking

In 950 AD Bjarki and his friends sail to Log Island but when Bjarki finds a magic hammer he's off on an adventure. In a land far from home, he meets Alvi and led by the magic hammer's clues, they go on a mystery tour around Wirhale.


This book, by Jane Dickman, is for children aged 7-12 and is a fun story to educate them about Wirral's Viking heritage. It is available from Amazon or the publisher, Appin Press priced at £4.95.

Download the Bjarki Flyer, the November 2010 Press release or read the story featured in the Wirral Globe.

Jane also gives talks and/or readings in schools and to other groups catering to 7-12 year olds. For more information email stadplan@btinternet.com.

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