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Wirral Learning Grid - The Vikings - Video Gallery

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Videos Featuring Professor Stephen Harding

An introduction by Professor Stephen Harding. Professor Stephen Harding goes to Prenton Park to tell us about Wirral's Viking football team. These road signs points to places in Wirral with Viking origin. Professor Stephen Harding visits Chester Records Office to tell us more about Tithe Maps. The Hogback Stone in St Bridget's church, West Kirby and other Viking Stonework. Professor Stephen Harding and Ranger Peter Miller describe Dibbinsdale's Viking past. Professor Stephen Harding tells us more about the Klint (Viking rock) at Wallasey Breck. Take a look at a boat burning event Thurstaston. Professor Stephen Harding goes to the beach to show where local legend says King Canute pushed back the tide. Meols seaport was one of the most important seaports in the Viking age. The site of the Viking Parliament in Thingwall. The Vikings day to day life in peaceful times. St Olaves church in Chester - Olsok 2001. St Olaves church in Chester - Olsok 2002. Professor Stephen Harding takes us to where the fortress may once have stood. Visit the site where this battle may have taken place. Professor Stephen Harding shows us the escape route the Vikings may have taken through Storeton Woods. Interview with 'Wirral Vikings' Tony Tottey and Brian Totty.  From ITV1 1/9/2005 Lost Treasures: Vikings.